The Way You Approach How To Grow Long And Natural Nails

Fairly long and natural nails are sexy to look at and that’s what women want. Many women ponder on the question how do I grow long and natural nails?

Determine the type of nails you have

The following five types of nails are common among women. There are brittle, dry, damaged, normal and soft types. Normal nails are those which have no flaws and grow well. Brittle nails are those which can easily break or chip off, damaged nails are those that are split or cracked or never grow while soft nails as the name suggests are those that are soft.

Dry nails are those that lack moisture and are hard. Knowing the kind of nails you have will help you in having the right knowledge of how to ensure they grow long.

Avoid using your nails to open items

It is important not to use your nails as tools. Opening or chipping off something will lead to damage on the nails. You need to use the fleshy part of your fingers or you need to purchase the right tool for opening or chipping away items.

Avoid picking or scraping with your nails as this will cause both chipping and cracking to the nails. Damage to the nails will make them remain shorter and will grow in an uneven manner.

Purchase and wear a pair of gloves

Gloves are frequently used during the winter and early mornings when heading to work. To provide protection to your nails, you need to purchase a pair of gloves if you don’t have any. If you already have a pair, then you need to start wearing them especially when performing chores like cleaning dishes or laundry.

Commercial detergents are known to contain harmful and toxic chemicals which are harsh to the hands and the nails as well. Continued use of these chemicals without any gloves will lead to damaged nails and long term health effects.

Other chores that need gloves to be worn include gardening. After the chores, you need to wash your hands with beauty soap and finally apply moisturizer to your hands.

Stop biting your nails

If you have a habit of biting your nails, you need to stop it. Biting nails usually leads to shortening and doesn’t give them a chance of growing. When biting, you may injure yourself leading to a minor cut. This will provide an entry for bacteria or fungi into your body. This might lead to various body diseases therefore you need to stop biting your nails.

Drink water regularly

Water is vital for our survival and you need to practice drinking six to eight glasses of water daily. The best ways to remember how many glasses you have consumed is by having 6 to 8 rubber bands and then wrap them around your wrist.

Every time you consume a glass of water, you need to remove a rubber band one at a time. Drinking water regularly will help moisturize the skin and nails as well helping them to grow long naturally.

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