Look Beautiful With Dress Nautical Style

If you are in love with nautical style, then you are not alone. Lots of ladies love nautical inspired looks because they are timeless. If you are looking for ways to dress in a nautical style, then try one of these tips.

Classic Colors

If you want to create a nautical style, then choose classic colors such as white, navy blue and red. Stick to neutral colors for your heels and other shoes as well. For example, a navy and white striped top should be a staple in your nautical themed wardrobe because it can be work underneath a jacket or with a cute skirt to add a nautical theme to any outfit. In the same way, you can use a wide red belt for the same purpose.

Choose Nautical Accessories

If you want a nautical look without going completely overboard, choose jewelry pieces that have a nautical theme. For example, you might be able to find a cute seashell ring or a necklace featuring a gold anchor. You can find bracelets featuring cute mermaids or a necklace with a ship’s wheel medallion. These cutesy accents are perfect to allow your sense of fashion to shine.

White Pants

One classic way to showcase a nautical style is a great pair of white pants that you can use in lots of different ways. For example, you can pair white pants with a cute top and a navy blue blazer for timeless nautical style. Add a fancy pin on the blazer featuring a ship for the perfect touch. You can wear your white pants with a simple, white Oxford shirt and a red scarf. Pair this look with bright red high heels for a more glamorous look. Finally, pair the white pants with a feminine and flirty white top for a monochromatic look. Make it nautical with a wide navy blue belt at your waist. Then, add a few nautical accessories.

A Short Navy Skirt

Another must have item in your nautical themed wardrobe is a short navy skirt. You can pair it with a cute white cardigan and simple tennis shoes for a walk near the beach or a game of tennis with friends. You can pair the navy skirt with a red and white striped top and sandals for a casual lunch at your favorite restaurant or a shopping trip. If you need a more formal look, pair the navy short navy skirt with an off white blazer. You can wear a bright red top underneath the blazer and a pair of really high heels to elongate your legs. You can wear this look to your business meetings, conferences or for date night.

You can easily dress in a nautical style. This look is so classic that it can go anywhere. If you want to modernize the nautical style, try adding stylish scarves tied around your neck in bold prints or wear funky wedges instead of nude heels. You will get lots of compliments on your contemporary nautical style with these tips.

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