How To Wear Statement Earrings Properly

There has always been ways and means to change the look of outfits and items of clothing. From paring things up together in new ways to changing handbags and shoes or perhaps adding a scarf or jacket to make the outfit seem fresh and new once again. However, there is also a way one can change their total look and attract attention and that is through the use of statement earrings.

Statement earrings are those big, bold and truly amazing earrings that are not for the faint of heart nor the shy. They dangle low, are bright and big and they really draw ample attention to the face and ears. This is a great way to change an outfit simply by redirecting the focal point of ones look and thus the earrings are the star of the show.

They to wearing statement earrings is to make sure that you have the right hair and makeup in place as they too will get noticed much more as those great statement earrings will draw eyes to that area. Statement earrings also need to be paired with more solid color and subtle styles of clothing as they should be the highlight of the look and thus one does not want low hanging statement earrings masked by high necks or busy prints.

One way to truly make statement earrings make that great fashion statement they are designed to do is to have slightly more dramatic makeup and more refined and toned down hair. In fact, hair is key in making sure statement earrings are noticed by all. It is key that hair be swept back off the face and away from the ears as even the biggest and boldest statement earrings can get lost behind hair that hides them and that is not doing the earrings any justice at all as they truly do deserve to be seen.

A great hair style for wearing to compliment statement earrings is an up do or perhaps a half up and half down style where the ears are fully exposed. Another great option is a low ponytail. The hair should match the total look and thus it should be as casual or fancy as the rest of the outfit and the earrings. Statement earrings are found in high style and fancy versions but some are charming and whimsical as well. This opens the door for many possibilities and opportunities to wear such great pieces of jewelery.

Accessory items have always been used to update and enhance looks and statement earrings are one of the more popular options out there. They are fun and frilly or perhaps brash and bold; but in the end they are simply amazing items to don when you want a look that speaks for itself and really takes your style to a whole new level of chic, fun and trendy goodness. The simple addition of statement earrings is really an easy way to get the most out of your look and they will be a sure crowd-pleaser that will have everyone looking, talking and inquiring.

black and white cemetary
Black and whites have always been a favorite of mine and the more I research genealogy i’m finding so many great photos that I’d like to share. Some will be photos that I take myself and some will be photos that I find online or are sent to me by others. This was sent by a friend and there is something about this one that just takes me somewhere. You can feel the history in an old photo and this is no different. I can’t explain exactly what it is but I often visit cemeteries around my city and sometimes when travelling I will just stop in an old cemetery and drive around or walk around. There are many in the Los Angeles area. Some large big beautiful cemeteries some small simple ones. All with a history and equally important. Sometimes I’ll get out and walk around or sometimes even snap some photos. I like the way black and whites bring a dark view to cemetery photos but I find most of them to be quite pretty and peaceful rather than haunting and scary. I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder and everyone has their own reasons whey they feel certain things. I was up at the El Rancho Simi Pioneer Cemetery in Simi Valley, CA and it was a nice historic cemetery. I enjoyed walking around, reading about people lives and families and how they all related. Who fought in what wars? How many children they had, who died first in the family. Who still has family that comes to visit and leave flowers. Wondering about the stories and the stories they could all tell. As I was leaving I ran into a large truck in the road that was doing some work on the trees of a home nearby. As I left full of curiosity and thinking about all the families of the people in the cemetery and watched the guys up in the trees I started wondering about them as well. The lives they live and families they have, they are doing dangerous work up in trees everyday and their families must worry about them being up there. Not wanting to visit them in a place like a cemetery. Funny how things that seem so unrelated can really make you wonder and think and connect the dots. I guess when you stop to think about it anything that makes you think about others is a good thing. I have to say that I enjoyed watching these guys cut down this old tree that looked like it had died. They were like surgeons taking this apart Simi Valley Tree Care was the name on the truck in case anyone randomly happens to need a tree cut down. haha. They really seemed to be very good at what they do, anyways. Sad to see any tree get cut down and I’m sure there was a reason it had to go and I’m sure someone will always remember something about that tree. It was very much like walking thru the cemetery and that tree probably had just as many stories to tell as the people buried at the cemetery. Long lives, short lives and yet they are all remembered in graves and photographs.

Despite the fact we cannot be absolutely positive regarding the true causes, we can easily define a couple of potential factors that cause the blue waffles disease outlined in this article. A weakened body’s defence mechanism as well as reduced capacity to resist disease is among the reason that can lead to blue waffle. Additionally, tension and also inadequate or perhaps minimal food intake are a few additional aspects that may lead to this unique genital illness. Dressing in tightly fitted lingerie or perhaps making use of woman’s personal hygiene sprays may also trigger this particular condition. Like an incredibly elusive STI, the actual disease can certainly be carried by an affected companion to the other companion, in case the individual practices obtaining unprotected sexual intercourse. Additional causes can include the use of rubbers or simply oral contraceptives, injuries, as well as some problems within the vaginal canal as a result of giving birth, making love with no oiling, vaginal tampoons and apply of a device inside of the vaginal area.

Blue Waffle Infection shows itself with intensive scratching as well as swelling of the vaginal area. The regular genital release of the patient with this infection risk turning yellow colored and could produce a stronger smell. Besides these particular, you may also have some type of slight discoloration of the inflammed section. Research has revealed most of the time the disease reduces alone, on the other hand, if you ever encounter just about any of those signs or symptoms, call at your health care provider since the indications could be an indicator of some type of genital infection, that could wind up being a blue waffle. Then again, the ultimate way to stay away from this kind of disorders would be to take care of correct personal hygiene and as much as it can be keep the vaginal canal clean. Additionally, given it may be a sexually transmitted infection, you need to have safe and sound and safe sex.

Even though there are plenty of yucky images of blue waffle infection on the web, it’s a fact these photos along with the disease hasn’t already been published on any sort of healthcare web page. And so the photos could be unreliable and may be regarded as as a second urban story. As a result, because this doesn’t have truthful base or even the support of scientific research, it is not easy to mention whether or not blue waffle infection is definitely a health related condition or maybe a medical-related fable.

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