How Things Will Change The Way You Approach How To Dress For A Job Interview

When trying to make a decision on what to wear for a job interview it is important to remember to always dress for the job that you are interviewing for, not necessarily the position you currently hold. A good starting point on how to prepare for an interview is to look at the company and the typical dress code for that position and dress one step above for the actual interview. For example, if the position is a business casual dress code then you would want to dress full business for the interview. If you are not sure what the dress code is for the position you are interviewing for then you should assume that a full business dress code is acceptable. It is always better to be overdressed than it is to be under-dressed.
For full business interviews you should be wearing a full suit, this does include dress suits as long as the skirt is knee length or longer. Under your suit jacket you should be wearing either a blouse or front button up shirt. Making sure that the shirt you choose is comfortable and that you will be able to move in if necessary. There is nothing worse than sitting in an interview in a top that you are feeling constricted in because that can take your mind off the questions being asked by the interviewer. Also, when choosing the shirt for under your jacket make sure you choose something with a higher neckline in a subtle color. To finish this look you should pair your suit with a lower closed toed heel; black is a very popular color with interviewees since it tends to make every outfit look polished. There is a debate regarding the use of pantyhose and tights when wearing a skirt although some companies don’t require this most still would like to see their interviewee in them.
For an interview in which you are going to dress in a business causal fashion it is important to start with some of the same basics that you would if you were going to dress full business. A pair of dress slacks or a pencil skirt, that is knee length or longer, in either black, grey or khaki is acceptable. Depending on the company that you are interviewing with you can choose a skirt with a subtle pattern as long as the skirt does not act as a distraction to the interviewer. For the shirt you can be a little more daring then you could be dressing for a full business interview, because you do not need to wear a suit coat or blazer. You can choose a top that has a fun print as long as you go with a solid basic color in either the pants or skirt. Make sure that your top still has the higher neckline, is comfortable and if you do choose to wear a print that it isn’t too distracting to the interviewer just as you would need to for a full business interview. The same rule as before with full business still applies when looking for the perfect pair of shoes a low closed toed heel is best.

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