Beautiful At Vintage Summer Fashion

If you are looking for a new style, consider the vintage look for summer. You don’t have to spend a lot of money updating your wardrobe, and the clothing is often fun prints that you want to show to family and friends. There are a few items that you must include in your closet if you want to achieve the overall vintage appearance, but you can start with a few basics to get a feel for what the look entails.

First, you need to add a few items to your makeup bag. These should be colors that are light and feminine. Consider a palette with shades of purple or pink. Make sure you have some darker shades mixed in with the colors. Neutral colors work well during the day, and you want to wear something that is a little darker than you typically wear in the evening. A natural lip gloss is something to include as well. One of the things you can try is matching your eyeshadow with the color of your outfit for the day. Then, add colors of gold and silver for a soft look.

The next thing that you need to work on is the clothing. Don’t spend a lot of money on clothing as you want to look as though your clothes are from the 60s and 70s. Tank tops are ideal to wear with shorts, but make sure the tops are a solid color. Invest in faded jeans that have small rips. These will give you the ultimate vintage look, and you can often get the jeans at second hand stores. A flowing top will go well with the jeans. Cardigans might not be something you consider vintage, but they will give the right appeal, especially if the cardigan is left untied and you wear a shirt of a solid color underneath. Your dresses should include a small amount of ruffles around the sleeves or hem. Lace is another fabric that you want to include on your dresses as well. Look for anything that reminds you of the era. Flowers and polka dots are two of the patterns that you will find a lot of to complete the look.

Sneakers that don’t have all of the embellishments and have a solid color work with the vintage appearance. You also want to include leather sandals and plenty of flip flops. Wedges are another option, especially with dresses. If you want something simple to wear with jeans or skirts, then consider ballet flats. Accessorize your outfit with longer necklaces and items that feature pearls. Small studs for earrings are ideal as well. Decorate your fingers with rings, but don’t get anything that has a lot of shine. Consider butterflies, peace signs and hearts. Your hair is the final step in getting the ultimate vintage look for summer. Make braids your friend as you can wear your hair in various ways when it comes to braids. A small side braid at the front or a longer braid that goes down the back if you have long hair looks beautiful.

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