Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve How To File Your Nails

Nails are an important aspect of your beauty look. You especially want your nails to look taken care of if you’re going to a party or a job interview. Filing your nails at home is fairly easy. There’s really no need to go to a salon to have your nails filed. Read on to find out how to file your nails.

There are many different types of nail files out on the market. Nail files come with a level of grit. Lower grit numbers are tougher than higher grit numbers. The grit is the amount of nail your nail file will take away at once. For healthy, natural nails, you should choose a nail file with a grit between 220 to 300. The best nail files are made from glass; however, they are generally expensive. A good alternative is to use a crystal file. Try to avoid metal files since they can cause your nails to become brittle and chip away.

Nail Shape
Before filing your nails, you should choose what type of shape you want your nails to be. The five common shapes are oval, square, squoval, round and pointed. Oval shapes have a curve at the top and are the most natural shape of fingernails. Square nails are currently the trendiest and require you to create a rectangle on the tips of your nails. Squoval nails are rectangle with rounded edges. They are a combination of the square and round nail shapes. Round nails are more curved than oval nails at the tips. Finally, pointed nails have two curved edges that meet in the middle. They are very dramatic and great for Halloween.

Wash Up
Wash your hands before filing your nails. Be sure to remove any dirt or grit from your fingernails.

Make sure you thoroughly dry your hands after washing them. Filing your nails while they are wet can cause them to break.

You may choose to clip your nails before filing if they are much longer than you really want them to be. You can also skip this part, and simply begin with filing your nails.

Begin filing your nails from the outside towards the center. Do not go back and forth, which can cause your nails to break. Instead, file to one direction. Continue filing until your nails form into the shape you want them to be. Be firm, but not too powerful with your file. If you want your nails to be smooth, use a rougher grit, and then use a finer grit. Be sure to also file underneath your nails to remove any excess skin.

You should buff your nails about once a month by filing the surface of your nails. This will make your nails look smooth and shiny. Buffing too often can weaken your nails and cause them to break.

Check Out
Check out your new nails and ensure that they look completely filed. Be sure to compare both of your hands and check if nails match on both sides.

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